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Benefits of Spa Treatments

As well as the mental health benefits of relaxation and the act of caring for yourself, spa treatments also have a range of health benefits for your body.

Benefits of massages

Massages ease stresses on your body through manipulation, here's how our treatments offer specific benefits.

Full body, back and shoulder massages:

  • Eliminates Muscular Pain and Contraction
    Muscular pain can be severe, impacting many other areas of your body which can lead to health-related issues. Full body massages help to eliminate any muscular pain by reducing the pain spasm cycle, which is when an injury (pain) causes the muscle to contract. 
  • Eliminates the Effect of Surgery and Injury
    Massages enhance lymph flow, which is essential when recovering from surgery or an injury as they reduce the excess of toxins to reduce pain and swelling whilst increasing blood circulation.
  • Improve Flexibility
    Massages enhance flexibility as well as a range of motion by loosening and relaxing tight muscles by breaking up the bond that could form on ligaments and tendons around joints.
  • Improve Posture
    Full body massages improve posture by softening the tissue around your back and shoulders which has become rigid over time.
  • Improve Your Immune System
    By easing certain pains in the body, massages can improve your immune system by encouraging the parasympathetic response that leads to relaxation. Allowing the body to use energy in healing and restoration.
  • Reduce Migraine and Headaches
    Headaches are often triggered by muscle tension as muscles that produce trigger points transfer the pain stimulus to other parts of the body, including the head. Massages reduce these trigger point pains which then reduces headaches.


Facial massages

  • Anti-aging and wrinkles
    One of the main benefits of facial massage is its ability to improve the overall appearance of skin.
  • Sinus pressure
    As long as it’s not an infectious case or during an acute stage of sinusitis, you can use massage to relieve sinus pressure, discomfort, and congestion. Sinus massage may also help promote the drainage of mucus, alleviate headaches, and boost circulation.
  • Acne
    Stimulating the skin through massage may help promote blood circulation and reduce the appearance of acne.
  • Glowing skin
    Facial massages help promote bright, glowing skin by stimulating your facial muscles to help tighten skin, relieve tight muscles, and boost circulation.
  • Facial rejuvenation
    Facial massages can help relieve tension while enhancing relaxation and skin health.
  • Manage scar tissue
    If you have a facial scar that’s in the healing process, massage can be greatly beneficial. Massaging the scar tissue and surrounding areas may help increase blood flow, loosen up nearby tissues, and flatten bumps.

Keeping up your skincare routine at home
Once you've experienced how beautiful your skin is after enjoying one of our spa treatments you'll want to keep it up at home.

Here are few tips to help you keep your glow until your next visit courtesy of Caudalie.

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